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A Nonprofit Focused On Creating Veteran Jobs & Saving Lives

Our Mission

Providing immediate disaster relief using innovative technologies, built and delivered by US veterans.

About Lifepod Corps

Disaster Relief

LifePod Corps uses renewable technologies to solve disaster relief problems. We create off grid water, electricity, reusable/mobile housing, and facilitate all logistics from point A to B.


LifePod Corps creates opportunity for our heroes through a fresh sense of purpose, community, and camaraderie by providing jobs for veterans focusing on vocational trades to launch their post-military career.

Transition Program

LifePod Corps has partnered with Austin Career Institute and the USO Pathfinder to assist veterans coming out of the military to have a seamless integration back into the civilian workforce.

Help us change some lives!

Disaster Relief

Our LifePods and Quick Response Teams will be the first boots on the ground providing assistance to disaster stricken areas. Our LifePod capabilities include: WaterPod-produces 240-1200 gallons a day of clean potable water from the air. PowerPod-25kwh system, powers both our WaterPod and LERD, or could generate power for other purposes through biomass. LERD (LifePod Emergency Residential Deployment)-This is our residential unit built out of a shipping container. Our standard outfit holds 6 people and has a full kitchenette and bathroom. Option to be customized. Logistics-We facilitate all logistics from point A to B. Once LifePods are delivered, our Quick Response Team will setup equipment and perform maintenance for the duration of our stay.

Hire Veterans

Our innovative LifePods will be built by trained veterans. We not only provide work for separated service members, but we provide a structured community for them to flourish. Our teams are committed to make a difference in the world. Veterans going though our training program at ACI will have a part time paid position with LifePod Corps. Upon course completion, they'll have the opportuity to go full time with us, or take their new trades and on the job experience wherever they want. LifePod Corps is the opportunity to launch a post-military career. Our program is 2 years long and includes trades in Hvac-R, welding, electrician, solar, first aid, fully supported by the Post 9/11 GI Bill, and federally accredited.

Donate With Peace Of Mind

We understand that donating to an organization can be frustrating when you don’t see where your money goes. That’s why we video document each LifePod’s journey, from construction to delivery. We want you to be a part of our mission from start to finish. You will be able to directly see the veterans you put to work on that project, and the people who benefited from it in the disaster area. LifePod Corps is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Impact Zone

This is where we make the magic happen. Become part of the team by donating towards a project you feel passionate about. You will be added to that specific project and receive video updates for that LifePod, the veterans who built it, and the people who benefited from it. Let’s impact our world, together!

Hurricane Dorian Relief Bahamas Abaco Islands

In recent weeks the Bahamas have seen insurmountable damage to their day to day livelihood. We need your help to send our Quick Response Team and LifePods to the Abaco Islands. We are raising $500,000 dollars to provide water, electricity, and emergency housing for locals and volunteers during the rebuild. Help us get there and change some lives!

Click here for more info on the Abaco Islands.

Newark, NJ Water Crisis

Help us send our first WaterPod to Newark, NJ. Your donation helps 400 people per day bring clean water home to their families for drinking and cooking. Their piping is contaminated with lead and many locals have reported lead poisonining symptoms. Residents of the city have been forced to take cases of water from anywhere they can get it.

Click here to help families bring home clean water in Newark, NJ.

LifePod Corps Transition Program

This program is designed to help veterans transitioning out of the service to have a seamless experience with signing up for school, completing a trade program, and having a paid position with us before graduating.

We have partnered with the USO Pathfinder program on Ft Hood/Ft Sill and Austin Career Institute to ensure the veterans have started planning their transition in advance. This is approved for post 9/11 GI bill usage.

1. Email your resume to leroy@lifepodcorps.org to apply!

2. Attach your DD214

3. Write a brief statement of what you are hoping to get out of this, and if you have any skills that may assist our process.

Contribute Today

As a 501(c)(3)non-profit, Lifepod Corps appreciates the contributions donated to our organization by others around the nation who share the same drive to help veterans get back to a sense of normal in the civilian world. Follow the button below to help Lifepod Corps achieve our goals and continue to work with our beloved heroes! Your donation will be directly used to fund LifePod projects in disaster areas, and to employ the veterans who build them.

"In my own post-military transition back to the civilian world, I was searching for where I fit in and how to use my skills. On the news I kept seeing the crisis in Puerto Rico, and I felt it was unacceptable, we had all the resources to solve it, and yet they continued to suffer. That's when I came up with the idea of a LifePod. After sharing my idea with a veteran group, it all of a sudden clicked for me that this project could provide purpose and direction to veterans, and solve a huge problem, worldwide."
Dakota Stewart
"I'm a Military Retiree, and the value of LifePod Corps for me is to be able to contribute and give back to an organization that changed my life and my family's life. I'm forever grateful!"
Leroy Thomas, Jr.
Veteran Liaison
"I was drawn to help because my brother and both grandfathers served in the armed forces. Additionally, through travel I've seen how we need to band together to combat the effects of climate change, and its impact on communities with access to less resources."
Lulu Anderson
Director of Marketing
"Being a part of LifePod Corps combines my love of country, respect for veterans and passion for helping others help themselves. I enjoy the challenge of uniting people around a common goal, and my experience with team building and volunteering over the years has prepared me for helping make LifePod Corps a reality."
Christine Radosti
Director of Operations​
"The most fulfillment in life comes from having a mission and purpose. LPC provides both at its core - from the support of the military to natural disaster relief, the mission of this org finds ways to fix both!
Mason Mooney
Social Media Manager