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Provides water using atmospheric water generation. Sized for any project: from small scale multi-step water purification to miniaturized municipal water scale tech. Largest individual units produces up to 600 ga/day. Currently, you can order the AWG (WaterPod #001) and pre-order the desalination variant (WaterPod #002) with an expected delivery of WP#002 in Fall 2020.


Comes in multiple configurations, storage capacities, and sizes (20 or 40ft). Wall batteries are made with high-load Lithium Ion materials(Lithium/Nickel/Cobalt/Manganese/Aluminum battery tech) to ensure long battery life-cycles. Supports the LifePod system as a component of the PowerPod subsystem. Using multiple generation methods including gasification, solar power, and other fuels, our PowerPods are capable of producing up to 600 kWh/day. 


Durable, redundant, and homely residential technology. Every amenity you could expect from a standard well-appointed dwelling. Intentionally redundant systems to guarantee uptime plus functional security  systems to discourage theft. Model LifePod #001 houses 6 people indefinitely.