Check out our LifePod configurations below!


The WaterPod uses a technology  called atmospheric water generation. As the machine sucks in air, it uses condensation to convert humidity into potable water at commercial levels. We are able to generate water remotely just about anywhere in the world.

The atmospheric water generator is housed in a shipping container for ease of transportation, protection, and adapting to any climate.

Multiple configurations are available from 5ga/day – 1,500ga/day through our manufacturer AWS AquaBoy®.

Each generator contains a 7-stage filtration system HEPA air filter, sediment, pre/post-carbon, mineral, and UV.


The PowerPod uses Micro-Gird CHP (combined
heat and power) to generate electricity and heat.

Off/on grid compatible.
Fueled by: propane / natural gas / bio-fuel.

Bio-fuel options include gassifiers that combust wood, bamboo, or hemp pellets into a syngas/biofuel.

Generates up to 480kwh/day. 

Plug and play setup.

Supplies power to our WaterPod and LERD. Very dependable, and can run continuously 24/7.

LERD – LifePod Emergency Residential Housing

On demand deployable housing for disaster response, mini-grid contingency planning, and military applications. 


Can house up to six people per 40’ container.

Bathroom and kitchenette included.


Fully compatible with WaterPod and PowerPod to create off grid/remote residential units with plug and play setup.