Meet the team!

LifePod Corps Team

"In my own post-military transition back to the civilian world, I was searching for where I fit in and how to use my skills. On the news I kept seeing the crisis in Puerto Rico, and I felt it was unacceptable, we had all the resources to solve it, and yet they continued to suffer. That's when I came up with the idea of a LifePod. After sharing my idea with a veteran group, it all of a sudden clicked for me that this project could provide purpose and direction to veterans, and solve a huge problem, worldwide."
Dakota Stewart
"I served in the Active Armed Forces for over twenty years. Returning to the private sector is accompanied by uncertainty after living somewhat of a structured life in the military. My goal is to streamline the transitioning process, for the men and women that have served our nation. LifePod Corps is allowing our Veterans to continue to have a sense purpose and direction."
Leroy Thomas Jr.
Veteran Liaison
"My passion for LifePod Corps runs deep. My late husband was an Army Veteran, my father was in the Korean Conflict, other relatives were part of the Greatest Generation, serving in World War II. Focusing my desire to help veterans through LifePod Corps is a dream come true."
Christine Radosti
Director of Operations
"My passion of caring for people and creating solution to help our fellow humans and soldiers live the best life possible. The reason I joined LifePod Corps is to bring positive change to the world."
Alan Garcia
Fundraising and Events Manager
"The most fulfillment in life comes from having a mission and purpose. LifePod Corps provides both at its core - from the support of the military to natural disaster relief, the mission of this organization finds ways to fix both!
Mason Mooney
Director of Marketing